The biggest frontier town in the prairies and plateaus, Silverton exemplifies the rugged spirit of the settlers of Brettenwood Province.  Appropriately named, Silverton has multiple silver mines within the plateaus nearby, and its economy has become dependent on the miners who haul it from the rock (and on the merchants and saloon owners who profit off of them!)  Known for being rowdier than other parts of the province, Silverton is known for a wild night life and stiff drink.  So far, the authorities haven't exerted much authority over the town, which has given it the reputation of being somewhat lawless.  Nevertheless, it is an attractive place for those willing to get a little dirty and find their fortune in the newly discovered mines, and given how expansive and mazelike the plateaus are, the promise of finding more is often irresistible.


Nestled at the very edge of Brettenwood Forest, Candlewood is the most remote town in the entire province, something the residents hold near and dear to their hearts.  It could be argued that without the railroad, Candlewood could become lost due to its isolation, though thankfully that doesn't seem like it will happen.  Because it is so remote, naturally, there is a lot of speculation as to the kinds of mysteries and wonders the people living there are surrounded by, and indeed, the area is rich in folklore and ghost stories, despite its quiet demeanor.  People have asked repeatedly if Candlewood residents have seen any of the reported monsters or terrors within Brettenwood Forest, but aside from a few tales and legends, there isn't much to report.  The people in town enjoy their quiet way of life, and they intend to keep it that way.


Ebon stands as the mighty beacon of industry in Brettenwood Province, with more factories and mills than in any other part of the province.  It is in Ebon that the railroad was first designed and constructed, which has now spread in all directions.  But just because it holds the name of largest industrious city doesn't mean that it is devoid of culture or entertainment.  The Ebon Museum holds some of the best known artwork and stands alone in the amount of rare oddities on display, some only ever found within the area.  Due to its location, Ebon attracts explorers and adventurers of all kinds from all corners of the province, and so has become a very diverse place to visit; anything you wish to find, chances are you'll find it in Ebon!


Addonway has enjoyed continued growth ever since its founding in the early days of the pioneers.  People are attracted to its lively atmosphere, the art and culture that is developing (completely unique to the area), and the breathtaking scenery of the hills and valleys.  It is a town steeped in superstition, though the locals are upbeat and positive despite the ghost stories and local myths.  It is a place that has also attracted scientists of all fields, as the city is built in an area that is full of scientific mysteries that are still being researched to this day.  Addonway also boasts some of the finest wines and cuisines in the entire province, something the residents are very proud of.  Addonway continues to grow with more and more people settling there and a booming economy, the city boasting the latest technologies and innovations, some of which haven't even arrived in King Theodore's realm yet!

Arcavias Manor

Not much is known about this mysterious castle-like mansion.  Discovered only a few years ago by pioneers heading north from Addonway, it stands almost hidden amidst the steep hills, and is rumored to be within one of the supposed "dark energy pools".  But what makes it truly mysterious is that it is inhabited by someone calling himself Baron Vincent of Arcavias, a noble who has said he comes from a kingdom far off in the west.  There are no records of a house being built there, or of any noble with that name amongst any royalty anywhere.  To this day, the mystery goes unsolved.



Mirandam Mountains

Not as tall or imposing as the mountains in the north, the Mirandam Mountains are nestled in one of the quieter corners of the province, inhabited by only a handful of ranches and tiny villages.  Being so far away from civilization can cause many problems, however, and the people who live there must be self-sufficient and able to defend themselves from anyone or anything that might pose a danger.  So, despite being such a peaceful, quiet area, the Mirandam Mountains are home to some of the toughest, most rugged people anywhere in Brettenwood.

Fort Robertson

Fort Robertson began as a hub for provincial soldiers pushing further west to defend from reports of dark abominations in the wilderness, and to hopefully act as a beacon/hub for movement further west.  The soldiers' presence seemed to work, and many settlers were happy to make their homes under the safety of the troops' vigilance.  Even today, a garrison is housed within the fort and the citizens enjoy the safety of their protection, though reports of dark beings lurking out there in the wild still persist.

Borgo Hills/Mountains

The hills are tall, jagged and rocky, and the mountains north of them are downright treacherous.  Little is known about the mountains, but the hills are understood to be home of the ghastly bloodsuckers and tend to be avoided, at least at night.  It is hoped that as more people settle in the north that the wildness of the hills, and perhaps even the mountains can be tamed, and the local myths about their treacherousness dispelled.

Perilous Forest

The trees in the Perilous Forest grow tightly together, sometimes to where the trunks wrap around each other, so navigating through can be oftentimes impossible.  It can be so difficult to hike through even the more open spots that there are large parts of the forest that remain unseen and unexplored even today.  Those that live nearby say the forest gives them an uneasy feeling, like there's more in there than just the enormous trees, something unseen that watches them from the gloom.  Most people are content with staying away and letting it lie, and the forest seems content with that, too.


This small, rugged town is the main hub for trappers and traders, and some of the furs these rugged adventurers send back east can fetch very high prices.  Most of the residents living here are involved in trading, trapping, and hunting, as it began as a small outpost for those specific purposes, but over the years Ravinetown has expanded.  The people here tend to be tough and dirty, and are usually recruited for expeditions into the more dangerous parts of the province, such as Brettenwood Forest.  Not surprisingly, however, the people tend to shun that forest and instead prefer to stay close to Vera Forest and Lake Nocturne; there's more than enough game to make a decent living just in that small area alone.  Who knows how large the trading industry will grow when the province finally expands further west?

The Great Plateaus

A labyrinthine maze of rock formations that goes on for miles and miles, the Great Plateaus are treated with respect amongst those living in the prairies.  Without knowledge of the land, it can be all too easy to be lost and never find the way out, yet another disappearance that tends to be met with a weary shrug as of late.  Add to that the shadow trolls living in the caves and the walking scarecrows known to skulk about at night, and the Plateaus become a dangerous place, indeed.  But the vast amounts of silver discovered have kept miners and prospectors coming back again and again, always willing to brave the dangers without a second thought.

Lake Nocturne

While rich in stock for fishermen, Lake Nocturne, like Vera Forest, holds a reputation for being haunted that keeps the locals from exploiting it too much.  Tales of dark, serpentine creatures below the surface are enough to keep many away, and stories of tentacled horrors snatching those unwary and unlucky to be sailing alone at night run rampant through the countryside, prompting many locals to discourage people from sailing across at all, whispering tales of how unfortunate souls lie crushed at the bottom next to whatever dwells down there with them.

Vera Forest

A trapper's paradise, Vera Forest is teeming with all sorts of wild game and has spawned an entire industry of meat and furs from that one forest alone.  Fortunately, the amount of trappers and hunters remains relatively small, so the threat of wiping out entire species remains slim.  And given that there are reports of ghosts, ghouls, and other beasts of the night, the trappers are only willing to push their luck so far.  There are countless horror stories told by the local population concerning the woods, and few (besides the truly experienced) dare to test the woods to find out how real they are.


While other smaller ports do exist, Holmestown is the main hub throughout which commerce and travelers pass, and is quickly growing into a major city in its own right.  Because it is in such a strategic location, it is constantly patrolled by royal troops and ships, making it the most fortified city in the province.  Not surprisingly, Holmestown claims its spot of fame, in part, by the quality of its seafood (agreed by most to be the best found anywhere).

Tortoise Shell

Formed recently as an outpost for traders and miners, this small town is almost as remote as Candlewood.  As such, it has fallen victim to attacks from the undead and other eerie, often unnamable beasts.  But there is more danger to this small, dusty town than what's out there, as it often attracts vagabonds, outlaws and criminals, which can make for some violent scuffles.  However, even though there is little in the way of "law", there is most certainly order, as anyone that gets too rowdy or violent is usually exiled from town; a threat that most people know can be worse than death, which keeps most ruffians in line.

Brettenwood Forest

By far the largest forest ever discovered, Brettenwood Forest stretches far beyond the borders of Brettenwood Province or even the provinces to the north and south.  This has created a barrier that has yet to be overcome, as this dark and twisting forest is full of peril and mystery, most of those who venture in never coming out.  While not officially documented, it is well known that horrifying and ghostly creatures lurk in its shadowy depths, every once in a while appearing within the fields to haunt any careless travelers or isolated farmers.  So far, no one has been able to pass through and see what lay beyond to the west.  It acts as a test to see how strong the desire to explore and discover can be, but so far, it hasn't proven to be strong enough.