Mysteries of Brettenwood

Mysteries of Brettenwood

The town lies at the province edge in a wild and empty land, and twelve year old Erik Christian’s house sits on the edge of an uncharted forest that’s said to be haunted. For years, he’s wondered what could be out there, but one night he sees something that tempts him to explore further than he should, where he risks losing more than just his way. Twelve year old Kristina Glynnis is excited to take a trip with her family to a baron’s house in the north, to a part of the province that’s still largely unknown. But local myth and legend proves to cut too close when she finds herself surrounded by not only monsters, but an ancient enigma as well. Blending elements of both fairy tales and Victorian Gothic horror, Mysteries of Brettenwood tells the story of Erik and Kristina, who embark to discover the secrets of this dark, mysterious land, its strange inhabitants, and also of themselves. More info →
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