Brettenwood Province

“Welcome to the vast open wilderness, Brettenwood Province!  Here, we are constantly moving toward the unexplored.  The lands are so vast and untamed that it is impossible not to find adventure, no matter what part of the province you find yourself in.  Ever since discovering these new lands, they have been the jewel in the crown of the old kingdoms, and as we push forward and learn more, we only stand to gain more.  Come in and see for yourself what Brettenwood Province has to offer.  Join in our latest adventure, and let this be the place where mystery, wonder, and imagination can run wild.  Who knows?  Perhaps you will discover its next big secret!

While the land does bear a similar feel to our homes in King Theodore’s realm, the landscape and terrain in Brettenwood Province is quite foreign and mystifying when examined up close, yet, like our home countrysides, full of unequaled beauty and majesty.  The forests stretch beyond what the imagination can fathom, it seems, while the rivers sparkle in the day and become like glass at night.  To the north lie the hills that eventually give way to the mountains, the trees in the area some of the most beautiful and elegant ever discovered, while to the south lie the vast, open prairies and plateaus, where smaller frontier towns have begun to spring up.  Being able to see the mountains further west, rising though the forest like a beacon to the sky, anticipation remains high amongst the settlers to push on further.

Our cities and ports stand as a true testament to the strength, hard work, and determination of our settlers and colonists, and they shine as a beacon of civilization in this empty, mysterious land.  Places like Port Chamberlain and the cities of Ebon and Addonway bring the majesty of King Theodore’s realm overseas and expand our influence further than we could have possibly imagined.  Already we’re pushing further west with smaller towns like Ravinetown, Fort Robertson, and Candlewood being at the edge of known territory.  What kinds of discoveries will our explorers find as they delve deeper into the west?

Of course, it is obvious that through all of this, mysteries and the unexplained abound in Brettenwod Province, which only serves to add to its allure.  New creatures, plant life, ecosystems, most anything you could imagine can be found here, and scientists are working feverishly to discover more answers.  Our borders are still small, and the province has much room to grow, and people are finding new discoveries every day within this new and mysterious countryside.

On the same note, archaeologists and researchers have been flocking to the province to investigate the possibility that this land may not be as empty as originally thought.  So, as we push further and expand our provincial borders, will you take that step and move toward the unexplored?”

  • Excerpt from the pamphlet “Welcome to Brettenwood”, given to most new arrivals and settlers upon reaching shore.

“That’s what they tell you.  But it’s never as pretty as all that.  Sure, the landscape is gorgeous and this is a fine place for people seeking their fortune or those looking for a new start, but there are things that they don’t tell you about this place.  I’m sure no one’s told you about the fog that falls over different spots like an unholy storm cloud.  It’s unpredictable, and people have gone missing when it arrives.  I’ve seen it happen myself, I tell you.

You’ve also probably heard the rumors about all the different spooks and dark beasties out there in the wild, preying upon those on the outskirts of civilization.  A lot of people will tell you it’s not true and it’s all just tall tales created by overactive imaginations, but having lived here my whole life, I can tell you that it most certainly is true.  In fact, the more we expand, the worse it gets.  This is a dark place.  It may not look like it at first, but believe me, the deeper you go, the more horrified you’ll become.  Creepy crawlies and black shadows are almost always moving; you can see them out of the corner of your eye.  I swear!  I’m not crazy!  You sit and look at the edge of the woods, you just get a feeling of dread that something’s in there, staring back.

Why don’t you have a look at this map and get an idea of what kinds of places there are around here yourself?”

  • Common warning given to new settlers by the more superstitious locals
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