King Theodore’s Realm

Greetings and salutations, welcome to the old kingdoms that have stood for thousands of years, having grown to be the pinnacle of civilization.  It is here that the kings and queens, in addition to the dukes, earls, and barons beneath them, rule with wisdom and temerity, justice and mercy.  Throughout their rich histories, many kingdoms have managed to grow in spite of a plethora of setbacks, becoming more solid and advanced because of them.  Now we live in an age where the world is open at our feet, and we expand into unknown territory across the sea.

From the mighty castles and fortresses to the most advanced cities and universities, King Theodore’s realm is founded upon art and learning, which is reflected in the buildings’ architecture, the many museums, and even in the style of dress.  Our soldiers boast the mightiest of weapons and defend our borders with honor, musket, and bayonet.

While people have lived here for millennia, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for exploration or discovery.  The sought after fabled creatures, beasts that still lurk on the outskirts of society in a shroud of mystery, still fascinate and frustrate citizen and scholar alike, as they did with our ancestors.  From the proud mountain wyrm, to the mighty rocs perched in their mountain nests, or even to the Pegasus herds rumored to be hidden in the most remote valleys, these fabled creatures have lived alongside us for countless generations, and will undoubtedly continue to do so, adding a touch of the unexplainable to our lands.

One of the most famous mysteries of our realm, and indeed others, is that of the deeply ingrained powers that are thought to reside within the land.  It is still unclear as to how or why the powers exist, and debates still rage amongst scholars as to their origins, every theory imaginable being entertained and tested, yet answers are still nearly impossible to come by.  But the effect is undeniable.  Certain people, usually people living in close proximity to “energy pools” (areas where there are higher concentrations of this unusual power), have learned to utilize this energy to manipulate and control light within their own hands.  It is one of the most beautifully bizarre mysteries of our kingdom, and perhaps as you explore the kingdom, you may experience it yourself!